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Honorary Chairmen
Shael and Joan Bellows
Robert and Debra Hartman
Brian and Michelle Levinson
Eric and Gale A"H Rothner
Rabbi Shabsai and Debby Wolfe

Gala Chairmen

Jeremy and Rebecca Amster

Tzvi and Avigail Garden

Mark and Penina Hartman

Howard and Ilana Karesh

Rabbi Phil and Rachel Karesh

Harlan and Robin Loeb

Joel and Wendy Malkin

Michael and Tova Perl

Tzvi and Sarah Reifer

Danielle Sugarman

Gala Committee
David and Gayle Aronin

Dr. Jeffrey and Myrna Buckman

Rabbi Shlomo and Yaffa Crandall

Dovid and Shoshana Friedman

Kevin and Adina Greenberg

Rabbi Dr. Jerold and Jocelyn Isenberg

Rabbi Menachem and Tovi Kirshner

Joel and Melinda Klein

Aveeshi and Tami Lev

Rabbi Dr. Leonard and Margaret Matanky

Albert and Judy Milstein

Moti and Shira Ninio

Michael Nussbaum

Zachary and Michelle Ruben

Michael and Tami Schultz

Rabbi Levy and Avigail Sheinfeld

Dr. Jeremy and Erica Simon

Abe and Dr. Miriam Sova

Lennie and Jessica Weiss

Joe and Becky Zimmerman

Rafi and Maayan Zimmerman

Rabbi Uri and Dina Zimmerman

Ranan and Joy Zimmerman

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