Marbitz Torah Leadership Award 

Rabbi Zvi and Rachel Zimmerman

Rabbi Zimmerman (FYHS ’97) is Mashgiach Ruchani of HTC – Beis HaMidrash L’Torah and a Rebbe at Fasman Yeshiva High School. He studied in Yeshivas Bais Yisroel and in the Mirrer Yeshiva in Jerusalem. He earned rabbinic ordination from Bais Yisrael and from Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg.


Rabbi Zimmerman teaches the 9th grade Talmud shiur and bekius in the Beis Midrash, and directs the learning division of Yeshivas Hakayitz’s Teen Kollel. He serves as Associate Rabbi of Bais Chaim Dovid in Lincolnwood, IL. Rabbi Zimmerman is also the founding Rosh Chabura of the Yeshiva Program at Congregation Adas Yeshurun in Chicago and is a frequent lecturer for NCSY programs. Rabbi Zimmerman is the author of Me’orer Yeshanim, a collection of essays based on his popular Torah shiurim. He has many projects on Tefilla, Mesorah, as well as an index of the Tannaim, Amoraim, and the people of Tanach in Talmud Bavli. His website,, contains an archive of over 1,000 shiurim on Chumash, Navi, and Mussar. 

Mrs. Rachel Zimmerman, LCPC, holds a Master’s Degree from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology in Clinical Psychology. She works with a variety of different issues with clients in private practice including body image, trauma, depression, and anxiety. Mrs. Zimmerman has a background in cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma work, and EMDR. She is also a dynamic writer and presenter on boundaries, abuse prevention, healing, and healthy relationships. Mrs. Zimmerman is an avid runner, having run five marathons and 20 half marathons.

Together, the Zimmermans support the greater Chicago Jewish community with their rabbinic and pastoral guidance, warmth, and delicious cookies. They live in Lincolnwood with their children.  

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