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Spotlight on Yedidyah Rosenwasser (FYHS '18)

Where do you live:

I live in Jerusalem.

Tell us about your family:

I’m married to Adina (Drapkin, Skokie), and have a 11 month old boy named Aminadav Shmuel.

Occupation (outside of the army):

I am an Industrial Engineering student at Machon Lev

Where are you serving in the IDF and in which Unit:

I serve in the 450th Bislach (Commanders Corps) Combat Battalion, currently operating in Khan Yunis, Gaza.

What gives you chizuk during your army service:

Listening to and reading divrei chizuk, and knowing that many friends and family are thinking and davening for me.

Share a few fond memories of your time at the Yeshiva:

Playing ball with the boys and learning in the beis with the rebbeim.

Anything else you want to share:

I wanted to express my hakarat hatov to all those who reached out during the ongoing war - it means a lot and makes a difference!

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