Why Support HTC? 


The global pandemic has reaffirmed an age-old truth: when times get tough, people look to their leaders. Not just political leaders, but to community leaders as well. To Rabbis. To educators. To social service organizations and the philanthropists who support them.  

Amid this cloud, HTC alumni are on the front lines everywhere. They’re doctors and nurses fighting back the virus. They’re rabbis comforting the bereaved and counseling families who have lost jobs. They’re volunteers stocking food pantries and executives helping the unemployed find work. And of course, they’re continuing to provide Jewish education in cities around the country and across the globe. They’re doing the work of community leaders because that’s what HTC has produced for nearly a century.

HTC’s annual banquet  isn’t just about fundraising. It’s the one night each year when HTC’s entire community—students, rabbeim, faculty, donors—singularly comes together to celebrate our rich history and exciting future. It’s a night that touches the heart, even for those whose Yeshiva days have long since passed.


We wish we could greet you personally at our banquet and express our appreciation to you face-to-face, but the pandemic has forced us to cancel the event. Nevertheless, our students’ learning—and financial need—forges onward, unabated. Your meaningful gift will help our students in the Beis Midrash and Men’s College, Blitstein Institute for Women, and Fasman Yeshiva High School thrive, and help HTC continue to produce leaders for generations to come.